Short Story About Podiatry

Adrian Moore

At Podiatry and Moore we believe the foot is the foundation of a complex structure (our body). Without a strong and stable foundation the rest of that structure can suffer. A strong foundation is made up of form, flexibility, strength and support. If someone foot is lacking in one of these areas then problems can occur. These problems may be as simple as corns and callus but could also lead to chronic soft tissue and even bone injuries

This is the thinking and approach we take at Podiatry and Moore when we treat our patients. We look at their lower legs and complaints holistically. Not only do we treat the person’s complaint but also look at why it may be happening? Is it their foot type? Muscle imbalance? Exercise habits? Footwear? Poor flexibility? And so on. If we can find the appropriate cause/s then we can better treat the complaint and prevent it from happening again in the future

Podiatry and orthotics have always gone hand in hand. We do utilise orthotics at Podiatry and Moore but we do not rely on them. We pride ourselves on the depth and flexibility of treatments we make available to our patients. More often than not the complaint is multifactorial therefore treatment should reflect this. We look at the person’s lifestyle, footwear, foot posture, muscle strength, joint mobility etc. This will reflect then onto treatment often using a combination of treatments such as massage, mobilisation, acupuncture/prolotherapy, strapping, padding, footwear and if need orthotics.

Patient satisfaction is our main concern. So when we are treating our patients with we take their lifestyle, occupation, footwear choices etc all into consideration when creating a treatment plan. Not one treatment will suit everyone and we strive to work with the patient to come up with most appropriate and effective treatment plan.

Podiatry and Moore is a new podiatry practice Located

10 Richardson rd. Narellan.

Call now on 024647 2984.

We have all the modern facilities and latest equipment available to our patients. Our clinic has onsite parking, easy access, and wheel chair friendly. We are close to bus stops and Narellan town centre.

We accept health funds, DVA, EPC’s, NDIS, workers compensation and have HICAPS and EFTPOS available. We do bulk bill EPC referrals

Our Podiatrist

Our Podiatrist Adrian Moore, has over 10 years’ experience in all aspects of podiatry. Most of this time has also been in the local area. He has his own personal interests in sports, fitness and health. Adrian has spent a lot of time expanding his scope of practice so he can provide as many options to his patients as possible. It is our aim to give our patients the most up to date evidence based treatment for all aspects of lower leg and foot complaints.

Services we provide include:

General podiatry – skin and nail conditions and care such as corns, callus, ingrown toe nails, fungal nails, tinea pedis and much more

Nail surgery – conservative and permanent solutions

Prolotherapy – is a safe, effective non-surgical treatment that provides stimulation of the body’s capacity to heal injuries and regenerate repair of injured tissues.

Dry needling – effective treatment of muscular pain, joint injury, warts and more

Sports, overuse, workplace injuries – diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation

Gait analysis – visual, treadmill and video analysis

Paediatric podiatry – gait assessment and correction, warts, severs disease, Osgood-Schlatter disease, footwear advice and more

Diabetes education and assessment

Smart Doppler for vascular and venous studies

Mobilisation and Manipulation – improve/restore foot strength mobility and function

Orthotics therapy – off the shelf and custom choices. Cheapest in the area

Footwear education and advice – including any padding or offloading options to use in conjunction with footwear.